The American Confraternity of the Holy Shroud

Meetings of the Confraternity

General global reach meetings of the Confraternity are provided for members to gather via internet streaming (currently by Zoom app). Meeting attendance thus requires an electronic device (desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet/pad). A reminder will be sent out at least a few days prior to each meeting, and the necessary credentials (w/link) will be sent out at least 5 minutes before the start of each meeting. Member contact information can be updated by contacting the Confraternity via email (see below). It is encouraged that for areas (dioceses, cities, towns, etc.) which have a number of Confraternity members, that those members gather as a group to attend the online meetings.

The meetings are normally scheduled to occur at 11:00AM (local Colorado Springs, CO time, that is, MST) on the second Saturday of each month. Any rescheduling or cancellation of a meeting will be done by an email reminder. The host for the meetings will usually be a designated Executive Council member.

Local (to Colorado Springs) meetings will occur at the discretion of the Confraternity Executive Director. These meetings will be primarily for project planning and discussing issues that are associated with local Confraternity activities, but can also include workshop time for projects when necessary.

Executive Council (EC) meetings will occur at least once in every 2 month period on a second and/or fourth Wednesday of each calendar month beginning at 6:30PM (local Colorado Springs time), to discuss general governance and administrative functions.

The ACHS Prayer Group (see also in the PRAYERS page) using prayers centered on the Holy Shroud the ACHS Prayer group and led by the Confraternity Ministry Chair meets at Saint Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church on the first and third Friday evenings (6:30pm) of each month. Contact the Ministry Chair via email for further information and materials.