Your role in the Confraternity

Pantocrator11252015The two ways of involvement in ACHS are open to all faith traditions: Affiliate Membership and Full membership.

Affiliate status may be attained simply by filling out our Affiliate Application. Affiliates will learn more about the Shroud and the Confraternity and will be able to make material contributions to the success of the mission of the Confraternity in three ways. First, a most important universal role for Affiliates is to join in regular Prayer for the success of the Confraternity in its mission of evangelizing the Gospel through the Image of the Man of the Shroud and the spread of knowledge about the fascinating corpus of historical and empirical evidence that points to the Shroud being the authentic burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth. In addition, we will ask Affiliates to pray for growth in devotion to the life-giving Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ as well as contemplation of his Holy Face. Second, Affiliates are asked to discern how they might personally work in support of the mission of the Confraternity in a way that personally enriches their own prayer and spiritual life. Third, Affiliates as they come to better discern the work of ACHS and the message of the Shroud, are encouraged to consider financial support of the ACHS mission. Finally, in mid 2018, the Confraternity will begin the email dissemination of a quarterly newsletter that will discuss the works and events of our growing Confraternity.

Full Membership in ACHS is similar to Aspirancy to a religious order: it requires vetted candidacy, a period of careful discernment on the part of both the candidate and the governing authorities of ACHS, and a commitment of service to the ACHS after a final membership decision is made. Full ACHS membership confers the right to wear specific Confraternity emblems as well as participate in selected governance, educational, catechetical, and evangelical functions of the Confraternity. In the future, we anticipate many forms of this commitment to service will take shape. At present, the only path to membership is to become a Shroud Presenter. Shroud presentations, because of their nature, are extremely important, effective, and personally rewarding in spreading information about the Shroud, and provide opportunities to participate in a unique form of Christian evangelism. In a presentation setting questions can be asked and dialogue can take place. There are many ready-made forums for professional level presentations: Church assemblies, Catholic and religious schools, religious communities and seminaries, youth groups, college ministries, homes for the disabled and elderly, prison ministries, secular/scientific gatherings and venues. It is fertile ground. At present, the way forward to becoming a Presenter is to attend a special class offered annually in Colorado Springs. Attendance at each class is limited to approximately 30 candidates who bear their own expenses for travel, lodging, local transportation and some subsistence expenses. Anyone wishing to explore his or her potential to become a Member Presenter is asked to express his or her interest when submitting the application for Affiliate status.



chatboxesThe Confraternity would love to hear from you and we invite you to join us in bringing information related to the Shroud of Turin to the peoples of the Americas.


emailPlease use the Join - Application or Contact tab to contact ACHS. To successfully spread information about the most consequential object in existence, the Shroud, we need your help and prayers.