Pantocrator11252015There are a large number of websites that contain information about the Shroud. Many of them are excellent. We especially recommend the following:

This is the "Official Site of the Holy Shroud" created and sponsored by the Archdiocese of Turin in Italy. The Holy See (Vatican) has ownership title to the Shroud but the Shroud itself is housed in Turin and is in the custody of the Archdiocese there. The site is maintained in Italian, English and French. Be sure to click in the upper right corner for your preferred language.

This is the site of our ACHS training partner, The Turin Shroud Center of Colorado.

This site was created and is maintained by Barrie M. Schwortz. Barrie was a trusted and greatly valued member of the STURP team. This site is the best and most comprehensive site for the archival of research papers and publications dealing with the Shroud. Links to other Shroud related websites are included.




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