Pray for the Success of the ACHS

Dear Jesus mercifully hear our prayer and grant these petitions:

That The American Confraternity of the Holy Shroud will grow and spread across the Americas and even beyond, bringing the message of your infinite love and sacrifice to as many  people as possible.

That your image on the Shroud may touch each and every human heart to ponder your perfect and Divine love. May this most precious sacramental assist each of us in our journey to become saints.

That those who share the message of the Shroud will humble themselves so as to serve as worthy instruments for this holy endeavor.





chatboxesThe Confraternity would love to hear from you and we invite you to join us in bringing information related to the Shroud of Turin to the people of the Americas.


emailPlease use our Contact page to email ACHS. Use the Join - Application tab to request a packet of information about joining the Confraternity. We need your help and prayers to help spread information about the Shroud.