Come join the Confraternity

item3We invite you to join The American Confraternity of the Holy Shroud (ACHS) and thus to add your active support to the deeping of Christian faith through the spread of knowledge about the Shroud and its profound spiritual message. We have prepared a membership application requistition form which may be accessed here. If you would like to receive a formal membership application, please fill out the electronic requistition and submit it to us. ACHS will process your request and get back with you via email. A period of discernment might also be valuable for you before you submit an application form to join the Confraternity. It might benefit you to do some reading about the Shroud and to pray. We suggest that reviewing the Critical Summary document produced by our education partner, the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, might be a helpful first step. You may access the Critical Summary document under the Resources tab.

Our sincere prayer is that you will join us.



chatboxesThe Confraternity would love to hear from you and we invite you to join us in bringing information related to the Shroud of Turin to the people of the Americas.


emailPlease use our Contact page to email ACHS. Use the Join - Application tab to request a packet of information about joining the Confraternity. We need your help and prayers to help spread information about the Shroud.