Your role in the Confraternity

Pantocrator11252015There are many roles for members of the Confraternity. At the personal level, by contemplating God and His infinite love for us as well as to contemplate the Shroud which may act as a sign that points you to a deeper relationship with Jesus. A most important universal role is to join in regular Prayer for the success of the Confraternity in spreading information about the Shroud throughout the Americas and beyond. In addition we can pray for the growth in devotion to the life giving Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ as well as to the contemplation of his Holy Face.

Beyond offering your prayers there are many important contributions that members of the Confraternity can make. Members can offer to support administrative and communication activities of the Confraternity. Or, if a member of the Confraternity works to become qualified, they can be certified by the Confraternity to devote their time and energy to doing presentations on the Shroud to others. Presentations, because of their nature, are extremely important and effective in spreading information about the Shroud and providing opportunities to participate in a unique form of Christian evangelism. In a presentation setting questions can be asked and dialogue can take place. There are many ready-made forums for professional level presentations: Church assemblies, Catholic and religious schools, religious communities and seminaries, youth groups, college ministries, homes for the disabled and elderly. It is a fertile ground. Have technical abilities and/or a degree? Shroud research is also an area for Confraternity members to help with the confluence of faith and reason.

The important thing is that there are as many supporting roles for the Confraternity mission as there are members. St. Catherine of Siena is famous for saying "If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire!" Members of the Confraternity can do this in any number of ways that perfectly fits the charism of the individual.



chatboxesThe Confraternity would love to hear from you and we invite you to join us in bringing information related to the Shroud of Turin to the people of the Americas.


emailPlease use our Contact page to email ACHS. Use the Join - Application tab to request a packet of information about joining the Confraternity. We need your help and prayers to help spread information about the Shroud.